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How to lose a cricket semi final...


It is a sad and disappointing morning for Pakistani nation because of what we witnessed yesterday. I have no words to explain it. I want to pick up the DANDA that our government school's master ji has and start beating those players who ruined it for us.
What will you do when your key bowler starts to fumble from the very beginning and then catches are dropped as well. Not one, not two, but six catches were dropped expertly. Four of those were of Sachin... Can you believe it!!! He was dropped for the first time when he was on 27. then again and again and again... Aagggggrrrrrrrrr....

The only bowler who looked determined, was Wahab Riaz, who bowled beautifully and took 5 wickets. This allowed us to restrict Indian cricket team to 260 run.
But in a game of cricket, the batting side also has to perform but Paksitani batsmen were not up for it. Our batting line was shattered very early by idiotic shot selection of our players. Younis Khan and Misbah slaughtered the pace of the game by pathetic shots choice and  played the role of undertakers to bury Pakistan's dreams of winning the game. Their slow paced game put pressure on the other side of the wicket which resulted in the dismissal of Asad Shafiq and Umer Akmal.
Overall the Pakitani cricket team did not performed at all and it never looked like they were playing to win the match. 
I am not moaning about loosing the match. I know that in a game one side will win and the other will loose but when you loose even after giving it your best and after performing well then it is acceptable. But if you loose in such a shameful manner then there are no excuses for it.   
My advice to all the players in our cricket team is to stop playing cricket and start writing book with the title "HOW TO LOSE A CRICKET SEMI FINAL" and yes, I can predict that it will be a best seller.

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