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How to lose a cricket semi final...

It is a sad and disappointing morning for Pakistani nation because of what we witnessed yesterday. I have no words to explain it. I want to pick up the DANDA that our government school's master ji has and start beating those players who ruined it for us.
What will you do when your key bowler starts to fumble from the very beginning and then catches are dropped as well. Not one, not two, but six catches were dropped expertly. Four of those were of Sachin... Can you believe it!!! He was dropped for the first time when he was on 27. then again and again and again... Aagggggrrrrrrrrr....

The only bowler who looked determined, was Wahab Riaz, who bowled beautifully and took 5 wickets. This allowed us to restrict Indian cricket team to 260 run.
But in a game of cricket, the batting side also has to perform but Paksitani batsmen were not up for it. Our batting line was shattered very early by idiotic shot selection of our players. Younis Khan and Misbah slaughtered the pace of the game by pathetic shots choice and  played the role of undertakers to bury Pakistan's dreams of winning the game. Their slow paced game put pressure on the other side of the wicket which resulted in the dismissal of Asad Shafiq and Umer Akmal.
Overall the Pakitani cricket team did not performed at all and it never looked like they were playing to win the match. 
I am not moaning about loosing the match. I know that in a game one side will win and the other will loose but when you loose even after giving it your best and after performing well then it is acceptable. But if you loose in such a shameful manner then there are no excuses for it.   
My advice to all the players in our cricket team is to stop playing cricket and start writing book with the title "HOW TO LOSE A CRICKET SEMI FINAL" and yes, I can predict that it will be a best seller.
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Pakistan v India - Semi final or a Battle...

Tomorrow is the big day for all the cricket lovers in Pakistan and India. Yes, it is the semi final of world cup. If you do not understand the psyche of the two nations, you might take it only as a semi final. But both of these nations are cricket fanatics and long time rivals. Whenever these teams face each other, the intensity is felt around the globe.
Both teams have played a number of test and ODIs against each other. We will look at the ODI statistics to get a clearer picture of what to expect from the semi final.

  • Total 119 Matches - 69 won by Pakistan, 46 won by India. No result 4
  • 26 matches in India -17 won by Pakistan,  9 won by India.
  • 27 matches in Pakistan - 14 won by Pakistan, 11 won by India. No result 2.
  • 66 matches in neutral countries. 38 won by Pakistan, 26 won by India. No result.

And now some more stats:

  • Pakistan's winning rate against India at Mohali: 100%
  • Pakistan has chased 321 runs against India at Mohali.
  • Umer Gul has taken 7 wickets in 3 matches played at Mohali.
  • Kamran Akmal has scored 124 runs in a Test match at Mohali.
Interesting.. Isn't it... Now what do you think after looking at these facts and figures???
I, along with the whole Pakistani nation, believe that our heroes will perform at their best and give us the result that we always want. INSHA'ALLAH...
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Sex Education in primary school of UK... a concern for parents...

Children as young as five are being exposed to "shocking" sex education materials in primary schools, according to research. (ref: the telegraph)
A report published on Wednesday claims that schools across England are using books that cover subjects such as orgasms and foreplay.
The study, found a range of local councils recommended titles for use in primary sex education lessons that contained highly explicit references.
One book for children aged just five contains cartoon images of a couple having sex and another compares sex to skipping.
Another text for older pupils in primary schools and the first few years of secondary education features a card game in which pupils learn terms such as “axxl intercourse” and “oxxl sex”.
According to the research, parents were being kept in the dark about the content of resources used in sex education lessons.
The institute suggested a current Government review of the curriculum should give parents the legal right to veto the most "shocking sex education materials". Families already have the power to remove children from sex education altogether.
Sex education is currently not compulsory for pupils aged five to 11, although all primary schools must have a policy on the subject. In most cases, schools choose to teach it as part of non-statutory personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) classes.
The latest study, "Too Much, Too Young", investigated the content of sex education books recommended by local councils for teaching in primary schools in their area.
According to the study, one text – “How Did I Begin” – is recommended for children aged five onwards in areas such as Devon and Wiltshire and features a cartoon sketch of a mother and father having sex, with the line: “As they cuddled, your dad’s pxxxs moved slowly inside your mum’s vxxxxa and the sperms flowed out.”
Another book – “Where Did I Come From?” – is recommended for pupils aged seven upwards. It tells pupils slang words for breasts and the joys of tickling boys’ and girls’ private parts, adding: “Making love is like skipping. You can do it all day long.”
A “Sex and Relationships Education” computer programme produced by BBC Active is recommended for use in primary schools in areas such as East Sussex, Worcestershire, Cornwall and Sheffield. It features a computer-generated image of an erect pxxxs.
A book for boys – “What’s Happening to Me” – is recommended for pupils aged seven-plus in one area, and older children in other authorities. A section headed “The Messy Truth” instructs pupils about foreplay and masturbation, including the line: “Boys can make themselves ejaculate by rubbing their pxxxs up and down.”
An education pack employed by a series of councils asks older primary pupils to match a series of sex education terms and definitions. This includes words such as “axxl intercourse”, “bixxxual”, “oxxl sex”, “prostitute” and “orgasm”.
Another book – “Let’s Talk About Sex” – is recommended for pupils 10 and over in some areas. According to the research, it features a chapter on homosexuality, with the line: “As children are growing up, boys become curious about other boys and girls become curious about other girls. They may look and even touch each other’s bodies. This is a normal kind of exploring.”
The reason for this post is to warn the parents living in UK about this serious issue. They have to keep a close eye on what is taught to their kids. They must be aware that they have full right to veto any material that they consider inappropriate for their kids. 
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Passenger coach hijacked from motorway

Unidentified armed persons hijacked a passenger coach from Peshawar-Islamabad motorway here on Tuesday.

According to the recent reports, some unidentified armed persons hijacked a passenger coach from Peshawar-Islamabad motorway and have taken it to an undisclosed destination.

The Motorway Police has also confirmed about the hijacking of passenger coach bearing license plate LES-9890.

This coach was enroute to Peshawar from Rawalpindi and was carrying 12 passengers. The department of police and motorway police are not revealing any information about this hijack.

Motorway police officials claim that coach is no more in the motorway premises and it's no more their responsibility to find the missing coach.

Is motorway police there only to issue tickets to over speeders or just to enjoy the rides in vehicles with hooters on them. We have heard so many stories where people are mugged, murdered and now hijacked on motorway. This is such a shame for motorway police.   
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Moments from Pakistani Bowling against West Indies

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Pakistani bowlers wonderful performance

Pakistan took an early grip on the first quarter-final in Dhaka after Mohammad Hafeez proved the surprise package with the new ball to take two wickets as West Indies limped to 60 for 4 in 25 overs. Umar Gul struck the major blow to remove Chris Gayle, and then Hafeez's arm balls made inroads, leaving Ramnaresh Sarwan and the recalled Shivnarine Chanderpaul to grind out a 42-run stand, only for Sarwan to carve to cover against Shahid Afridi.
Some early aggression from West Indies was a false dawn. Devon Smith cut the first ball of the match to the point boundary and Gayle played two thumping shots, but in attempting his third boundary, he picked out Afridi at mid-off who did well to hold on to a stinging drive. With their talisman gone, West Indies became virtually scoreless.

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Habib Jalib...

Habib Jalib pouring his heart out...
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Atomic crisis deepens in disaster-struck Japan

Japanese crews grappling with the world's worst nuclear incident since Chernobyl suspended work due to radiation fears Wednesday as tens of thousands in need after the quake and tsunami desperately appealed for help. 

The jittery nation, living in dread of a nuclear catastrophe after Friday's twin disaster, was also hit by a strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake that swayed buildings in Tokyo, fraying already jangled nerves.

The official toll of the dead and missing after the quake and tsunami flattened Japan's northeast coast has topped 11,000, with 3,676 confirmed killed, police said.

However, after the Tokyo stock exchange's biggest two-day sell-off in 24 years sparked a global market rout, the headline Nikkei share index closed up 5.68 percent on bargain hunting.

The Bank of Japan pumped another 3.5 trillion yen ($43.3 billion) into the financial system, adding to trillions spent this week since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and towering tsunami crippled a large swathe of the economy.

The evacuation order at the Fukushima nuclear power plant came as a tall white cloud was seen billowing high into the sky over the stricken complex.

The containment vessel around the core of reactor number three may have suffered damage, and the "likeliest possibility" for the white cloud was steam escaping from the vessel, chief government spokesman Yukio Edano said.

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Raymond Davis released

What a shame... the US national gets released from Pakistani jail in few days.. a murderer who is responsible for the death of four lives.  
I can not forget the footage of Fahim's wife who was begging for justice on her deathbed. She knew she wouldn't get it and yesterday's release of Davis proves her to be right. 
It is amazing how all government offices worked together in harmony to make his release possible. Everyone lied about his status and his rights. The question here is that can we allow someone to come to Pakistan and kill people and then claim diplomatic immunity? Well may be YES... because our president is also enjoying presidential immunity. 
It is said that US Govt. has paid blood money for his release. Can someone ask them what amount should Aafia Siddiqui pay as blood money for having unproven intentions to harm US soldier? 
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Visually impaired Pakistani reporter dreams of peace

Sania Zaidi sits in the R. Premadasa stadium press box as the World Cup drama unfolds beneath her.
Nothing unusual about that except the 28-year-old Pakistani journalist has been blind since childhood and is on a mission to promote better relations between Pakistan and India.
She wants cricket to promote peace, courtesy and courage which have been lacking in our wonderful world. She can’t see it but she can sense it and is at this World Cup to promote her mission.
Working on a laptop with special software, the college professor from Multan in central Punjab is hard-working and determined.
On her mobile phone she tapes all the tournament press conferences to use in her stories for a Pakistan magazine as well as radio bulletins.
Her objective is to tell the world about Pakistan and its love of cricket and the heartache caused by the sport’s international suspension in the country following the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009.
The brazen attacks, which left eight people dead and seven Sri Lankan players and their assistant coach injured, forced Pakistan to play its home series on neutral venues.
It also prompted the International Cricket Council to strip Pakistan of its right as a co-host of the 2011 World Cup, a move which Sania deplores.

With a master’s degree in mass communication and busy working on her post-graduate studies, Sania teaches at the Bahauddin Zakaria University in Multan.
Cricket is her major interest, having compiled two books of interviews with several players from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, the West Indies and England.
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1,000 dead in Japan quake; nuke plants overheat

More than 1,000 people were feared dead and authorities scrambled to prevent meltdown at two nuclear plants Saturday after a monster tsunami devastated a swathe of northeast Japan.
Reactor cooling systems failed after Friday’s record 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit, unleashing a terrifying 10-metre high wave that tore through coastal towns and cities and destroying all in its path.
Radiation 1,000 times above normal was detected in the control room of one nuclear plant, although authorities said levels outside the facility’s gates were only eight times above normal, spelling “no immediate health hazard”.
Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from around the plants as Tokyo Electric Power, which runs the facilities, said it had released some radioactive vapour at both locations to relieve building reactor pressure.
“We are not in a situation in which residents face health damage,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters, according to Jiji news agency.
The two nuclear plants affected are the Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 plants, both located about 250 kilometres northeast of Tokyo.
The atomic emergency came as the country struggled to assess the full extent of the devastation wrought by the massive tsunami, which was unleashed by the strongest quake ever recorded in Japan off the eastern coast.
The towering wall of water pulverised the northeastern city of Sendai, where police reportedly said 200-300 bodies had been found on the coast.
The unstoppable black tide picked up shipping containers, wrecked cars and the debris of shattered homes and crashed through the streets of Sendai and across open fields, forming a mud slick that covered swathes of land.
Japan sits on the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and Tokyo is in one of its most dangerous areas, where three continental plates are slowly grinding against each other, building up enormous seismic pressure.
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