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Earth Hour 2014 - Support & Participate

March, 29th: Today millions of people around the globe will participate in Earth Hour by switching off lights in offices, homes and other landmarks at 8:30 pm local times for an hour. 

Earth Hour is an initiative by WWF which started in 2007 at Sydney, Australia as a light-off event. This event aims to unite people around the globe to protect the planet. In first Earth Hour, more than 2.2 million individuals and 2,000 businesses turned off their lights for an hour. 

In Pakistan, Earth Hour is observed in all major cities. Members and volunteers of SheenWatan, an environmental and plantation advocacy campaign in Peshawar, have pledged to participate and support Earth Hour. 

In a statement, Mr. Khan, Manager CSR, TheExpertsCloud said; "We have to give back to environment and mother nature. This is our responsibility and we must not ignore it. If we want to see our children living in a healthy environment, we must act today. TheExpertsCloud will be observing Earth Hour today and would request your readers to participate too. We must not ignore the issue." TheExpertsCloud is a partner of SheenWatan and is currently leading the plantation campaign in KPK.

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Raza Rumi survives gun attack.

Renowned columnist and anchorperson Raza Rumi was injured today in an attack by unknown gunmen in Lahore. His guard and driver were also injured in the attack. The driver, Mustafa, later on succumbed to his injuries. The guard, Anwaar Hussain, is also said to be in critical condition.

Rumi frequently spoke against the Taliban and was a critic of government policies for handling terrorism.

In his last tweet, Raza Rumi informed his followers about the incident;

Response from Journalists:

Response from Politicians:

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