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A young boy who was killed by Rangers

The gruesome footage of Rangers killing an unarmed young boy was a real shock for me. The unarmed boy pleading for mercy, was shot dead by Rangers personnel at point blank. By watching the video, one can clearly see that the young boy posed no threat. There were 5 Ranger personnel in the video and the one who shot the poor boy seemed a bit over whelmed by the weapon he had and the uniform he was wearing. This is another incident after the Kharotabad killings, where Rangers killed 5 people. That case is still pending and now we have another one. 
Who gave the right to Rangers, Police or Army, to kill innocent Pakistanis in cold blood. Human rights are openly violated and there is no one who can stop them. There will be another enquiry, there will be more discussions on this. More TV reports and politicians condemning the mishap. But then nothing will be changed. Again we will hear same or worse stories. 
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PEMRA issues licence to ‘Geo Super’

Few of my friends are of the view that most of the news in my blog are depressing. Are they??? Well obviously, because now a days we are in a state of sufferings. How can we publicise the news of a flower exhibition over a suicide bomber killing many. 

But anyway the good news for today is that PEMRA has issued licence to Geo Super to operate from Pakistan. Geo Super has been closed for over 60 days due to refusal of Govt and PEMRA to allow the channel to uplink from Pakistan. 

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Justice Tariq Pervaiz and Justice Amir Hani Muslim heard the case.  

I hope all the other cases, the big ones, are decided too. This took over 60 days to resolve, our problems are over 60 years old and I don't see any one who has the capacity and capability to resolve the problems and issues.

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