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NEPRA allows 33 paisa per unit hike in tariff


Another shocking news for Pakistani nation, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), on Thursday under fuel adjustment, granted an approval to power distribution companies to raise the tariff by 33 paisa per unit. A NEPRA team headed by Chairman Khalid Saeed heard the petition filed by the power distribution companies for raising the tariff by 39 paisa per unit. But the NEPRA approved hike of 33 paisa per unit. The decision would be effective for all kind of consumers from the month of March. I am thinking shall i praise NEPRA for saving us 6 paisa or shall i blame them for snatching 33 paisa from the pockets of struggling Pakistanis. We are struggling to survive in the situations where our industries are shut because of gas and electric load shedding. Every faithful Pakistani is living a difficult life. I used the word faithful because corrupt Pakistanis are living luxurious lives and are making fools of innocent people for their own benefits. 
I am writing this blog at this time of the night because the place where I live is cursed with the load shedding from 8pm till 10pm. All one can do at that time is sit, do nothing and wait for electricity. We all have heard our dear Minister of Water and Power, Raja Perveiz Ashraf, giving deadlines for NO MORE LOAD SHEDDING. But we all know that its a big bunch of lies. Are we moving in the backward direction, going back to the stone age??? May ALLAH help our nation and give us strength to bring a positive change. Ameen

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