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Dark side of our society..


Have a look at these snaps. These are from different areas of Peshawar. I shot these when some of my students wanted to capture images of the deprived kids for a photo exhibition to show them to the rest of the society. 

Can you describe your feelings after seeing these images? I can't...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the actual dark side lies in minds of society makers.we don't take these kids as part of our living society,we don't consider them as part of our life and most importantly we don't consider them YOUTH OF PAKISTAN to work on...think...

  2. be a change maker............(in addition to my above comment)

  3. Anonymous says:

    We have to join hands to bring the change. youth's participation in flood relief activities is a brilliant example of it. Today in our society youth is the only segment that is still trust worthy and people would listen to them and help them in accomplishing their set targets.
    youth of today has to work intensely to secure the future of tomorrow's youth.

  4. yeah you are right this is a dark side of our society which is mostly ignored. We must appreciate this type of stuff and work together to make the society enlightened with the rays of education, peace and love.

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