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Does Obama reserve the right to act again in Pakistan?


The White House has said that US President Barack Obama reserves the right to act again against top terror suspects inside Pakistan, following the raid which killed Osama bin Laden.

Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney was asked whether the president would be prepared to target fugitives again if they were on Pakistani soil, despite Islamabad’s complaints the bin Laden raid was unauthorised and unilateral. “He made very clear during the campaign that that was his view. He was criticised for it,” Carney said.

“He maintained that that was his view and, by the actions he has taken as president, feels that it was the right approach and continues to feel that way,” he said. 

What should be the reaction from our side to these statements? Everyone had anticipated these intentions from US and now we are watching them do whatever, whenever and where ever they want. 

Could this be the beginning of a dark age where US will start attacks within Pakistan??? This is the question every Pakistani is asking. How could we tolerate such intrusion? Why have we become such a weak country that US does not even bothered to ask us or inform us about the attack? 

Imran Khan is organizing sit ins in different cities demanding drone attacks to be stopped. I would suggest he should start planning on something more intense as the current situation is looking very glim and we have to raise voices to stop this.

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