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Revamping and decorating my blog


After a few hours of working, I have revamped my blog. I was feeling that the blog is a bit boring and does not have any interesting stuff than the posts itself. So I started searching for some interesting widgets. While surfing for these widgets, I found out that there are loads of widgets that can be used on a blog and most of them were free to use. a very good website that has a huge variety of widgets listed under different categories. I have used a few widgets from widgetbox. They are easy to get and can be edited from the and the changes will mirrored automatically on the blog or website where the widget is placed.
Wordpress and Blogger have their own widgets as well. They can also be used but I would say its a good idea to use third party widgets as well. This will help you get a newer look for your website or blog.
I welcome you all to my new revamped and redecorated blog. I hope you like it and enjoy the new look. But if you are not happy with something, do let me know through comments.

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