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34 died in Punjab due to doctors’ strike


At least 34 patients have died for not receiving medical treatment due to doctors’ strike in Punjab. The talks between the Federal Health Secretary Nargis Sethi and the representatives of the Young Doctors Association (YDA) could not reach to a conclusion and the YDA announced that the doctors would continue the strike until the acceptance of their demands. The Punjab government asked the doctors working in the dispensaries of the district governments to report in the hospitals. The YDA’s strike entered 34th day on Sunday and hundreds of doctors handed their resignation to their seniors. (Source:

A doctor was arguing with me on facebook that they are living hand-to-mouth and it is their right to protest against it. 
Protest is the right of everyone in a democratic environment but can these doctors justify these losses??? Have they forgotten the oath they took??? Maybe they will get the increment but have they ever thought how would they justify the loss of lives due this protest???
These doctors must think about this and mend their ways. I believe that some professions  should be adopted for it's core reason not just to earn money. 

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