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World Cup Trophy given to India was fake


Indian media revealed that the World Cup trophy handed over to Indian cricket team was not original and it was a fake trophy.

This was reported that president of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Sharad Powar had given away the trophy to Indian team captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni in a ceremony at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai after they won the World Cup.

However, that trophy was a fake one as it had no ICC logo nor the name of the winners on it.

The Indian media further said that the original trophy is in the custody of the Mumbai customs who levied a tax of Rs2.2 million on it.
But the ICC in a bid to avoid any tax gave away the fake trophy to the Indian team after winning the final.

Tournament director Sauro Naik said that the original trophy of the World Cup would be sent back to Dubai today.

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