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POL prices hiked by 13 pc


Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has announced raise in POL product prices by 9 to 13pc late on Thursday.

According to details, petrol price has inflated by Rs.6.98 per liter while high speed diesel price has been raised by Rs.10.67 per liter.

Holding a news conference late Thursday, the spokesman to OGRA Jawwad Naseem informed, the new price of petrol is now Rs.83.56/liter, HOBC is Rs.98.12 a liter after addition of 7.16 rupees.

He said new price of kerosene oil after Rs.9.65 increase is now Rs.84.10 per liter, high-speed diesel price has been hiked by Rs.10.67 to sell at Rs.92.89 a liter and light diesel after raise of Rs.9.7 will now be available at Rs.78.98 a liter.

New prices will be effective from now, he said adding that a subsidy of Rs.10 billion against POL products will be provided for the month of April.

Government has already spent Rs.35 billion as subsidy against POL prices during last five months, he concluded.

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