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Microsoft announces release of Internet Explorer 9


Microsoft Corp. has announced the launch of the latest version of the world’s most-used browser with the release of Windows Internet Explorer 9 in 40 languages. 

Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft’s most-downloaded browser beta of all time, with more than 40 million downloads, and it has already gained more than 2 percent usage on Windows 7. Already more than 250 top sites including,, Jang Group websites (GEO, Jang, The News ) and from around the globe are taking advantage of the capabilities in Internet Explorer 9 to deliver differentiated experiences to their customers, with many featured on, these partners reach more than 1 billion active Internet users on the Web.

“The true potential of the web can now be explored through Internet Explorer 9” said Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager, Microsoft Pakistan. “The internet browser is critical for giving users the right online experience – one which is fast, secure, user-friendly and quite intuitive. IE9 has all these qualities and provides the optimal use of hardware. It is also most suitable for countries with low bandwidth like Pakistan. IE9 is not only a product of technological advancement but also based on customer feedback obtained by releasing the beta version.”

Internet Explorer 9 is designed to bring sites to the front and center through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive, more beautiful Web experience. Features such as Pinned Sites and JumpList features enable people to put their websites directly on the Windows 7 Taskbar, as though they were native applications, and then to quickly and easily perform tasks related to those websites, such as check their inbox, change the music station, accept a friend invitation or see breaking news. These sites include some of the largest sites on the Web such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Twitter. 

VP Sales & Marketing at wi-tribe Pakistan, Wahib Aslam, says, “Wi-tribe is very excited about partnering with Microsoft for the global launch of Internet Explorer 9, a cutting-edge browser promising a captivating and superior web browsing experience for customers and developers alike. We are confident that this alliance will bring a host of value additions to our own community of users, ultimately elevating their online experience to an entirely new and refreshing level.”

News website partners in the U.S. include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Huffington Post,as well as dozens of leading news sites globally across all major geographies.

“As a blogger who remains online 16 hours a day, I see IE9 changing the web surfing experience all together. With lot better speed, enhanced graphical processing and the clearer feel, IE9 is surely going to make the web a beautiful place to stay,” said Aamir Attaa, Editor, ProPakistani.PK, a top technology blog from Pakistan.

The new version of Internet Explorer takes advantage of the power of modern Windows PC hardware to improve all around Web browsing performance. Internet Explorer9 is also designed to be the most trusted browser because it contains a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online.

"IE9 brings out the best of the web by giving users seamless access to their favorite websites through its unique pinning options, better tab management, performance improvements and powerful HTML5 support for rich in-browser applications" said Monis Rahman, CEO, Naseeb Networks.

Recent statistics show that more than 39 million people have already downloaded the beta version of IE9.This has no doubt given the product a significant share of the global web browser market even before it was officially launched. Microsoft confirmed that this is the highest and fastest adoption rate of any beta product ever launched.

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