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Pillow Fight Day observed across the world


Thousands of people came out (pillow) fighting today as the world celebrated International Pillow Fight Day.

From Australia to Brazil, dozens of cities around the globe saw pillows brought into public squares for the fourth annual feather-fest.

New York's Union Square became a bedding battleground as thousands gathered to smack each other about, and hundreds of thousands were expected to join in worldwide for the event, which was started by The Urban Playground Movement.

New Yorkers didn't let the world down. A MailOnline reporter who joined in the action said that many fighters came in costume - with some dressed a ninjas and two lads dressed as Spartan warriors, who stood back to back and took on all comers.
American pillow fighters also gathered in front of Washington's Capital Hill and in Pershing Square in Los Angeles.

Naturally, the weather was perfect for pillow fighting in LA, as large numbers gathered underneath palm trees to do their bit.

The movement has a passionate mission to make such events in public 'a significant part of popular culture', using public spaces as 'urban living rooms' and replacing past-times such as watching television.

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