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Do you think like this too...???


I just read a blog at "The News" and am astonished to read the views of the writer. Have a look and see for yourself;

what kind of lame thinking is this? 
The writer is happy that we lost  and has thanked God for it........... are you wondering why??? Lets see his pathetic arguments:
Because if we had won, we would all be calling each other and sending sms messages to congratulate each other, which would result in higher phone bills.
Because if we had won there would have been celebrations on the road which would have resulted in traffic jams.
Because if we had won, there would have been aerial firing.
Because if we had won, we would be sitting in front of tv on Saturday to watch the match.
Because somehow, in the words of the writer and I quote "These happy-go-lucky days have made us forget all our worries".
and I quote again "I just don't know why we ever wanted to win the match so dearly. Infact we will inflict real pain to our neighbour-cum-rival by making them waste their energies for one more day and losing out monetarily, physically and psychologically. Green shirts have indeed turned out to be a winner in the end."
and again "Anyways, why create a fuss over the loss? After all cricket is not our national sport."
Now I am thinking, shall I say something about all the above arguments or shall I request my readers to give the cross-arguments. 
I would just want to comment on the aerial firing issue. Its true that there is a culture of aerial firing and that this happens but do you think that loosing a match is the right way to avoid aerial firing? Can we not take some other course of action to avoid or at least minimise it?
I want all my readers to share their thoughts regarding the arguments given by the visionary correspondent of GEO, Mr. Haris Tohid. 

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